Thursday, August 20, 2009

Why Etsy?

That's a good question! Why DID I chose to set my shop up on Etsy? Well first I guess I should tell you about what motivated me to look for a place to set up shop.

As you have heard me talk about in the past, I had been designing jewelry for my own enjoyment and use for several years before I decided to venture into the world of sales and custom work. One of the biggest motivating factors for bringing my work out into the public market was the hope that it would offset some of the financial burden brought on by my decision to be a stay at home mom. Being at home with my girls is hugely important to me and my husband, and I would make the same choice even if I didn't have a way to try to contribute.

After I had done my research on supplies and what I would need to start an official business with a tax ID, I started the search for the best way to get my product out in the market. Immediately the online marketplace stood out as the perfect option.

Since My primary job is to stay at home with my girls and make sure that my house runs smoothly, being able to sell online was ideal. It gave me the freedom to create and list my items as well as "keep shop" while the girls were asleep or having movie time. Freedom and flexibility were a must! This is when I was introduced to Etsy.

In one of the forums I post to I was always hearing the name "Etsy" brought up. Finally I decided to check it out. BINGO!! Etsy's fees were well within my price range, and it was available whenever I have a free moment to post. Another big factor for me was the community support network available through Etsy. The forums, teams, and news letters were a great source of information and support for me as a newbie. I have been with Etsy for almost 6 months now, and am very happy with my experience so far!

Speaking of a great network of artists... Want to read other Etsy set up stories? Go visit the Eclectic Artisans Team Blog and see what motivated some of the other artists in our team to join Etsy.

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