Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Adventures in baby food...

My youngest daughter, 6 months old, just recently started to eat solid foods. Since my oldest started solids, I have made my baby food by hand. Not that there is anything wrong with the jarred stuff, I just personally can't stand it. It smells bad, has horrid texture, and tasted nothing like the real thing. I just feel better giving my babies a hand smashed banana, than the funny, brownish gray, jarred ones. It only takes about 20 seconds longer to mash it yourself, and go figure, it tastes like bananas!

After I got home from the salon on Friday I spent the morning making a few batches of baby food. I made pear puree and acorn squash puree (little one loved them both). It was really simple, so I figured I would share the process with you, just in case anyone out there actually reads my blog and can use the info. **smiles**

  1. Cook the fruits or vegetables until they are soft - I cook my fruits in a sauce pan on the stove. Just cut them into 1 inch cubes and then put in just enough water to almost come up to the top of the fruit in the pan.
  2. Let cool slightly
  3. Puree - I do about half of the batch at a time. It makes it easier to get it smooth. For young babies you want it pretty smooth, but as they get older you can leave some small soft chunks in it to get them used to texture.
  4. Spoon puree into an ice tray - That's right, I said ice tray! It is so handy, and cheap. The cubes are about 1 oz if filled to the top for easy portion control. Some of the special baby food freezing containers can get a little pricey, and they are not really good for anything else after you don't need to make baby food anymore.
  5. Freeze - I think this one explains itself...
  6. Store - All you have to do is pop them out into a labeled freezer bag. Very handy.
Here are some pictures that I took while making my squash puree.

Right after they came out of the freezer.

Ready to go back into the freezer

When you are ready to feed your kiddo, all you need to do is warm it in the microwave for about 20-30 seconds (Just make sure to test it before you give it to your baby. Some things heat up quicker than others...)

Here is a great site that has a ton of info on homemade baby food.

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Well...I had better get about my day, and let you get about yours.

Have a fun and creative Tuesday!!

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Jennifer said...

We did the exact same thing - for the most part - yellow squash was Harlee's fav then and NOW! :) It really is very easy and sooo much better than preservatives in a jar ;)