Wednesday, December 16, 2009

My favorite Etsy Shops.

Today for our EART Blog ring is discussing what Etsy shops are our favorites. I am so excited to be writing this post, because there are so many great shops out there that it is hard to see them all. Hopefully you can brows by my favorites and make them some of your favorites too!

Here we go!

1. - Steve Drew is a super talented artist who has found his niche in the art world creating realistic landscapes, birds and much more on canvas.


I have gotten some of my favorite gemstones from this shop, and have always have a great experience! Love the fact that I can but small amounts of many stones. This way I can get more diverse design work done for the same amount as a strand of one type and cut of gem.


Of course this in one of my favorites. So many great artists in one place! What a great mix of talent. Come check it out.

Want to see some more favorite picks from EART artists? Follow the blog ring around starting here at the team blog and read through some other great posts!

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