Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Schools out for the summer!

Well, almost.... I am currently studying for my last test of the semester!!!! (Minus the blogging break). It is for my Macro- Economics class, which surprisingly enough I have REALLY enjoyed! I would not have pegged myself as an economics kind of girl. Then again I wouldn't have thought myself capable of raising two kids, going to school, and starting a jewelry design business all at the same time either. And yet, here I am...
Now that I have a break from school I am really going to be able to focus on my jewelry. (This excites me beyond belief!!!) You should be seeing a flood of great new designs hitting my shop very shortly. Don't worry, you know that I will announce it so that no one misses out on all the fun.
I guess that I should return to being a good student so that I can keep that GPA up! Wish me luck!

Best Wishes to you all, and have a beautiful day!

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